AOSAN offers KEOC, FS and TBT companies of South Korea origin in the sector of electro-optic components used in electro-optic systems in the military application fields of our defense industry. Electro-optical components offered by AOSAN; With its robust technological structure, high strength and tolerance, it makes it the best choice for our military electro optical system manufacturers.

  • Cryogenic Cooler
  • Spherical, Cylindrical, Multielement Lenses
  • Prisms & Retroreflectors
  • Laser Windows & Mirrors
  • Infrared Optics
  • Beamsplitters
  • Waveplates
  • Polarization Components
  • Filters & Etalons
  • Military Electro Optics Systems
  • Laser Systems
  • Laser Markers
  • Day & Night Vision Devices
  • Weapon Scopes
  • Sight Systems
  • Military Vehicle Vision Systems
  • Industrial Electro-Optic Systems



Finished Solution-FS is well recognized as market leader in the supply of precision parts and electro optic components to the defense Industry such as; cryogenic cooler, hydrophone, underwater acoustic active sensor, housing and body modules for electro optics.


KEOC produces precision optical components since 1981 including entire process from optical design, polishing, coating and assembly to advanced technology. KEOC have been producing and supplying core optical components, and based on its accumulated technology KEOC expanded its reach into the aerospace and advanced defense industries.


TBT system is specialized in the development and production of Electro-Optical Precision Control Systems for Defense and commercial requirements. TBT develops and produces high precision Electro Optical systems used for day and night surveillance on land, marine and air with gyro stabilized dome and turret designs from compact type to heavy duty performance design.