As the integral part of all the electronic systems, AOSAN provides world class Printed Circuit Boards – PCBs for military, industrial and commercial purposes with special design capabilities.

Technologies focused on systems of Modeling and Simulation as well as Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems (C4ISR).

AOSAN is a leading cable, connector and electronic component supplier for defence electronics through its global partners.

AOSAN provides servo motors, step motors, stepper motors, integrated controllers, rotary actuator for defence electronics.

AOSAN provides Infrared Detectors for military and commercial use through its worldwide partner i3 SYSTEMS which has over 20 years of experience and cutting-edge technology in developing and manufacturing IR Detectors for military use which provides excellent, uniform and stable image qualities.

AOSAN provides power supply units for weapon systems through its reliable solution partner which also has special design capabilities.

AOSAN is specialized in providing cutting edge technologies for video surveillance systems. AOSAN has the capability to deliver several kinds of Thermal Imaging Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, IR Cameras, License Plate Recognition Systems, Housings, DVRs, NVRs and Illuminators with high quality at competitive prices

AOSAN provides Gun & Cannon Systems for military and law enforcement use through its worldwide partners which has 60 years of experience and cutting-edge technology in developing and manufacturing reliable, effective, fast and stable gun and cannon systems.

AOSAN provides Tungsten products for Military applications. As it is known, as well as being incredibly dense Tungsten is also incredibly hard and has the highest melting point of all the elements at 3422C which make it perfect material for bullets and missiles.